I can’t think of anything I didn’t like about this book and I highly recommend it. I really appreciate Sheryl Sandberg sharing her journey through grief, loss and the growth that can slowly come along with it. She beautifully teaches that loss is universal, and we all experience our own, unique facet of that common denominator.

I admire the way she put her children at the center of the circle of support, even before herself. She is doing a great job to facilitate their healing. I feel she’s found the right balance between keeping their father’s memory alive, while also providing a safe space for them to move forward as a family. Really an amazing job at this.

This book is very helpful for learning how to best help someone who is experiencing grief and loss. There’s no perfect way since someone who is grieving often doesn’t know what will be helpful one day but painful the next. Having this type of insight can help us be more understanding and just do the best we can for those we love and care about. Along with that, we can be understanding and extend compassion towards ourselves when we’re the one who is grieving.